For Barrel and Screw Cleaning
in Extruders and Injection Molding Machines

Our Plastic Purging Material

PurgeUSA plastic purge material offers a cost-effective way for extruders, molders and compounders to create custom purging compounds for immaculate barrel & screw cleaning.

Our purging compound is easy to use - just add a same small amount each time to any preferred resin or scrap.

Our plastic purge provides a major cost-saving strategy. You can use or reuse resins, or scrap already in your inventory to create your own purge material.

PurgeUSA is a concentrated liquid purging compound - 11 pounds of our additive creates 286 pounds of purge material.

PurgeUSA is easy to store and has unlimited shelf life and does not require much storage space. Our most common 11 pound shipping package containing 10 bottles is only 7"x7"x14" saving you extensive storage space. No need to order and stock multiple purging agents. No pellets to stock or store. Our exclusive purging agent meets all of your purging needs!



Become Environmentally Green, learn the many Benefits of PurgeUSA Plastic Purge Material, about Our Plastic Purging Material, How our Purge Compound Works, and Frequently Asked Questions.