For Barrel and Screw Cleaning
in Extruders and Injection Molding Machines

PurgeUSA, established in 1991, supplies the only plastic purging material to work with virtually all thermoplastics.

Here are some benefits to our purging material:

  • Our ONLY PurgeUSA purging material works with virtually all thermoplastics.
  • PurgeUSA will remove unwanted color, material and burned polymers from equipment.
  • Our purging compound will reduce purge time and end costly screw-pulling downtime.
  • Our purging material is colorless, non-toxic, nonflammable, and odorless.
  • PurgeUSA is a stable, cost-effective solution to your plastic purging needs.
  • Our plastics purging material will:
    • Not damage your plastics processing equipment -
    • Significantly improve your productivity -
    • Drastically reduce or practically eliminate scrap. You can become ENVIRONMENTALLY GREEN!



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