For Barrel and Screw Cleaning
in Extruders and Injection Molding Machines

How Our Purge Compound Works

In the barrel our purge compound acts as a wetting agent penetrating the interface between unwanted material and the metal barrel and screw, breaking the adhesive bond, allowing the carrier resin to slough off and carry contaminates out of the nozzel or die.

PurgeUSA plastic purge agent is a non-abrasive, non-toxic, non-flammable and stable colorless liquid.

The major components of our ENVIRONMENTALLY GREEN purge compound are water, anionic and nonionic surface-active agents, weak alkali cleaning additives and defoamers posing no health hazards.

You choose to add our PurgeUSA to the next resin to be processed or to any other resin of your choice - even scrap resin, or you can add our plastic purge compound via color metering equipment creating your own custom purging agent.

The system is simple.

How much purging material do you need?

  1. Estimate quantity of thermoplastic the barrel holds and put twice that amount into any container. Add in 3% to 5% by weight of PurgeUSA stirring until all pellets appear evenly wet or damp.
  2. Feed the material through, and only if feasible, lower the barrel temperature about 70° F. Only if feasible, stop an extruder screw for a 10 minute soak. Or, if an injection molder, and only if feasible, pause about 2 minutes between shots. High velocity shots, high back pressure, high screw speed, and screw completely forward works best. Afterwards, clean any moisture from hopper and inlet and begin next production. Persistent color or bubbles signify some PurgeUSA remains. If so, raise barrel temperature 10° F and run next process until clear.
  3. In the barrel, PurgeUSA, acts as a wetting agent penetrating the interface and breaking the adhesive bond between unwanted material and the metal barrel and screw allowing the carrier resin to extract and carry residue out of the nozzle or die.



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