For Barrel and Screw Cleaning
in Extruders and Injection Molding Machines

Benefits of PurgeUSA Plastic Purge Material

Molders, extruders and compounders use our plastic purge to eliminate black specs, unwanted color and material contamination. Our purging compound is cost effective based on comparisons to total purging costs.

PurgeUSA plastic purge agent can be added to any on-hand resin, although adding PurgeUSA to a hard resin, for example, styrene or acrylic also makes a superb cleaning material.

Use it periodically as a maintenance procedure to prevent the accumulation of burned-on material.

Using our plastic purging agent, PurgeUSA can help clean extruder dies as well as injection molding hot runner systems.

ENVIRONMENTALLY GREEN PurgeUSA, has unlimited shelf life and is easy to store.

Our purging compound is cost-effective based on comparisons of total purging costs.

We are the exclusive manufacturer of PurgeUSA and is our only plastic purge product.

PurgeUSA provides 24/7 rapid response to your questions, sample requests, and rapid response to your product order.

Our expert staff is ready to solve your toughest plastic purging problems.



Become Environmentally Green, learn the many Benefits of PurgeUSA Plastic Purge Material and about Our Plastic Purging Material.