For Barrel and Screw Cleaning
in Extruders and Injection Molding Machines

Become Environmentally Green

PurgeUSA purging material is ENVIRONMENTALLY GREEN by drastically reducing or eliminating your scrap.

Most plastic purging compounds are composed of a proprietary blend of resins, abrasive fillers and various cleaning additives, the details of which are unknown to the user.

After the purging process, you are left with unclassifiable compound – not very reusable.

PurgeUSA is only the additive portion of a purging compound put in your own known resin purchased at volume pricing. You create your own custom plastic purging agent!

After purging, what remains is your known resin containing 0.2% PurgeUSA plus impurities very effectively removed from your machine. 96% of PurgeUSA evaporates at the nozzle, 4% is left behind in the resin, and since you originally used 5% by weight, 0.2% PurgeUSA remains.

What do you do with your used purging compound? You can regrind it, add more PurgeUSA and purge again, blend it off into a dark-color same resin for making non-critical products, or resell it as known scrap.

If none of the above is a viable solution, the remaining reality is you have superbly cleaned your machine while creating a much smaller amount of scrap purging material.



Become Environmentally Green and learn the many Benefits of PurgeUSA Plastic Purge Material.